Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Betting Tips & Predictions


We covered this fight earlier but since the fight is official now and I’ve bothered to look at it more in depth and also add in that there has been significant betting movements I felt there was a need to write another short writeup about this fight. So let’s get to it…

Conor has gone from being a massive underdog, +1000 to “only” +500. If you remember earlier, I said there was value in betting McGregor because of the uncertainities and the price of +1000 more than makes up for the risk but at +500? The short answer: No, I don’t recommend betting on Conor at that price. If you missed it, we touched on this fight briefly in our interview with Paul the Grappler. Basically, he was also bullish on Conor when the odds were high, I don’t know if he has changed his position since the interview so read with a grain of salt.

What we’re all wondering is how the hell is a 40 year old guy with a 2 year paus from boxing going to look in the ring? Unfortunately, it’s a bit difficult to cap how exactly this factor should affect the fight since we don’t have a lot of empirical data with similar stats to look at since this is such an odd and extraordinary fight. We do know however that 40 is not a good age for boxing and a 12 year age advantage is massive. And that’s the major unknown factor that could land Conor the victory. I’m not going to repeat the same old stuff media has been saying for the last 2 months. We all know that Mayweather  is and should be the huge favorite. Conor has age, size and reach going for him but he has no boxing credentials.

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