Paul the Grappler won $1.3 million betting on MMA last year – Interview


A las vegas sports bettor that goes by the nickname Paul the Grappler won $1.3 million betting on mma last year. He’s been betting on MMA for many years and has gradually increased his stakes over the years.  He has been able to pull in a respectable income year after year betting on sports and last year he finally broke 7 figures. He joins us today for a quick interview.

JK: Nice to have you here, Let’s get to it: 2016 was great for you, would like to share some memorable bets?

Paul: Thanks for having me. Sure, without a doubt the biggest bet and most exciting fight was Conor-Alvarez. The good thing about that fight since it was such a high profile event the bookies had very high limits. Even though Conor was the favorite and a lot of smart money was being placed on Alvarez, I went with Conor.

JK: How much did you bet on him?

Paul: $65,000 total.

JK: That’s a lot, you weren’t able to bet more because of limits or you decided not to bet more because of bankroll management?

Paul: It was because of bankroll management, I could have gotten more money down on Conor but decided to not go crazy with my bankroll. I’m not a baller gambler like some other vegas dudes.

JK: Interesting, before we stop talking about Conor would you like to comment the highly anticipated Conor-Mayweather?

Paul: Okay… so Conor is a humongous underdog, +1000 or something crazy like that? And I still have a hard time seeing the value! Mayweather should box be able to box his face off. The only significant factor favoring Conor at this point is that the fact that Mayweather is old and that’s about it. I’m not going to share my official bet recommendation because I haven’t decided what to bet on if this fight takes place. I think there could be some very interesting prop bets.

JK: The age factor is something we’ve also covered here on and I assume most other sports bettors backing Conor is hoping on Mayweather getting old overnight. It’s certainly a very high risk / very high reward bet.

Paul: Even if I don’t place any bets I’m still very excited to see that fight happening.

JK: Let’s get back to talking about you instead. You won $1.3 m betting on MMA last year, is that only MMA and in your opinion will there still be relatively easy Money to be made in MMA?

Paul: First off, anyone who caps MMA professionally knows that right now were in somewhat of a silver era, the golden era was a decade ago. Back then you could make easy money betting on mma since the average joe off the street didn’t know shit about MMA and you would see all kinds of weak lines that you could bet. It has gotten harder over the years but it’s still easy compared to NFL. I’m optmistic, I think as MMA grows a lot of new gamblers will come in and they will obviously be clueless which should lead to the betting markets still being relatively. I definitely believe that there will always be possible to make Money betting on MMA but it will for sure get harder in the very long run, maybe 10-15 years from now.

JK: Ok, nice to hear you’re optimistic. Most of the cappers who write for us also share the same view that MMA is definitely the sport to bet on today but the future is uncertain. You can definitely make a lot of money betting on MMA and I hope it stays that way. But did you only bet on MMA last year?

Paul:  Basically… yes I only bet on MMA. I did have a few not so serious bets on other sports but they were so small in comparsion. I used to bet a lot on NBA but I figured that there was easier money in college basketball but as soon as I started betting on college basketball, MMA caught my attention so I gave up college basketball because for one I like MMA more and I think there’s even more money in MMA.

JK: Are you one of the best MMA cappers?

Paul: The best of the best. Joking aside, I’m probably not even top 1000. I’m a small fish in Vegas and there a lot of pro gamblers killing it now in MMA.

JK: How much do you think the top gamblers are winning a year?

Paul: Your guess is as good as mine. No idea. Mayber over $10 million a year.

JK: Would also bet on over $10 million a year. Before we end the interview, how about MMA DFS, your 2 cents?

Paul: Ok, when DFS first hit the scene there was so much easy money to scoop up. Not just MMA, all sports. There were a lot of people dumping money in DFS who had no clue what they were doing. But as anything where there is easy money… the sharks come in and starts scooping it up and now the easy money in DFS is for the most part gone. You can definitely make money playing DFS and there is always that hope of winning it big with a small entry but I actually prefer old fashioned sports betting. I played a lot of DFS up until 2 years ago, I did alright for myself but never managed to make big money.

JK: That’s unfortunate. I’ve heard similar stories from other sharps, anyway let’s wrap this up anyway you want to say for aspiring MMA betting professionals?

Paul: Gambling isn’t for everyone but if anyone out there is thinking about betting on MMA, do it as a side gig. Keep your day job and bet a little on the side and see how it goes before you tell your boss that you quit. I love betting on MMA but it’s risky and not for everyone. Good luck to you guys. When I say that MMA is easy, I mean it relatively speaking. Making over 100k a year isn’t as difficult as rocket science but for sure as hell most people aren’t capable off doing it. There are many fans who seriously overestimate their MMA knowledge.

JK: Thanks for the last words of advice and the interview Paul. Good luck in 2017 and hope you crush it like always.

Paul: Thanks for having me, see you around!

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