Super bowl LII Betting Preview & Predictions


So before we start doing a weekly coverage of the upcoming NFL season I want to quickly mention the odds for the next super bowl winner.

New England Patriots 6-1

Dallas Cowboys 10-1

Seattle Seahawks 12-1

So basically, betting on who to win it all is always difficult but I want to strongly advise against New England Patriots. Basically at 6-1, you’re being screwed by the bookies. Now I’m not claiming they can’t pull it off again but the odds are so unattractive you’re basically given a high risk / low reward proposition.

The odds imply that the Patriots can snatch a victory here with a 14.2% probability. There is no team that’s anywhere close to being that strong that they can win the whole thing with such a high probability. There are 32 teams, and at the very least the top 10 strongest NFL teams this year – all can snatch the victory.

Anyway, enough about Patriots, as usual it’s difficult to find value in these type of prop bets since the bookies tend to be quite cheap when it comes to offering attractive odds for super bowl winners, If Seahawks were more like 16-1 I could make a case for it or if patriots were 10-1 or better. And as you can see I didn’t bother to list the rest because honestly I couldn’t find anything that jumps out so I deliberately kept this preview short. We will be doing weekly betting writeups for every nfl week so don’t miss out on that.

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