UFC 210 Betting Tips & Predictions


Anthony Johnson vs Daniel Cormier

I would rather just sit back and enjoy the fight rather than sweating a bet here. It’s currently sitting at pickem, both fighters are -110 and for good reason. If I had to make a bet I’m leaning sligthly towards Cormier but honestly my recommendation is to pass on this one. It’s tough fight to cap and it’s hard to see anyone being the big favorite.

Chris Weidman vs Gegard Mousasi

I will get flame for this but I think Weidman +100 might the best bet on the entire card, I actually think he should be a moderate favorite here. I think this is the classic case of a solid fighter dropping a few fights and the average bettor overreacts and fades at every opportunity. Weidman is not a fighter you want to start fading just yet, if we look at his 2 losses with an objective mind(a hard thing to do when you watch MMA). Against Rockhold he wasn’t doing too badly until he threw that kick and got taken down which eventually led to getting his face smashed in. Against Romero he was arguably winning until that flying knee in the 3rd knocked him dead. My point is even in his losses, he looked pretty damn good and definitely didn’t show any signs of being over the hill or not belonging in the top of the division.

Charles Oliveira vs Will Brooks

Even at -270 I think Brooks is the side you want to back. Oliveira might have a better submission game but it’s hard for him to dictate where this fight will go and I think Brooks will set the pace for this fight and win with relative ease.

Patrick Cote vs Thiago Alves

Surprisingly Cote opened as a -230 favorite which in my mind was bonkers. The line quickly got pushed down to -160 which is verging on bettable territory in my opinion. Anything over -200 was ridicilous amd I still hesitate to recommend a bet here on Cote at -160. Both Cote and Thiago Alves have been historically difficult to cap so therefore I’m going to say unless the line improves further to -150 or -140 I would say bet small on Cote or nothing at all.

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