UFC Fight Night 105 Betting Tips & Predictions


We had a solid results last UFC, hitting our big bet on the over total decisions prop play but unfortunately Holly Holm didn’t manage to snatch a victory so we ended up with a moderate profit instead of having a great night but a winning night is a winning night. This UFC card isn’t exactly filled with high profile fights but on the positive side it does present some decent betting value. There are a few underdogs that stands out in my opinion.

Derrick Lewis vs Travis Browne

To my surprise Travis stayed a slight + underdog before dipping to -105. Derrick Lewis is a fighter that proved me wrong, I thought he wouldn’t go far(I backed Mitrione against him)but after that loss he showed that he’s UFC calibre after all. He won an extremely close decision against Nelson and TKOed Shamil after that. He achieved a lot more than I thought he would. Browne’s last couple of fights have been difficult. However, his losses hasn’t been that bad considering the competition he’s faced. I definitely don’t think Browne is on the decline, I think this is the typical case of both fighters’ competition makes it bit hard to judge them objectively. Anyway, enough rambling. My bet recommendation is on Browne at -105 and I suggest going relatively small. I personally bet on him when he was +110 therefore, I suggest a small bet since a small price change makes a big difference when it’s a close fight to begin with.

Alessandro Ricci vs Paul Felder

Going to keep this one short. Even though Paul is a pretty big favorite he probably still is the right side as this is will be quite one sided in my opinion. I actually don’t think -350 is bad enough odds to stay away.

Hector Lombard vs Johnny Hendricks

As much hate Hendricks have been getting lately and yes I agree to some extent that he isn’t his former self but I wouldn’t cap Hendricks as the +130 underdog versus Lombard. Lombard has not been a fighter you can count on and given the uncertainties I’m surprised this fight isn’t capped a lot closer to even money. Therefore, I think Hendricks is the right bet here.

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