World Cup 2018 Betting Tips & Preview


Finally the time is here for the only soccer event americans care about, the world cup! As usual it’s a bit tricky to find value betting on on winner props as bookies tend to take out a lot of juice.

Betting odds offered by Bet365:

Germany 5.50

Brazil 5.50

France 7.00

Spain 8.50

Argentine 10.00

Belgium 13.00

England 17.00

Portugal 26.00

Urugay 26.00

I’m not suggesting that the bolded countries are my bet recommendations but they are the only ones that stand out. Both Germany and Brazil are heavy favorites and rightly so. I can’t phantom how anyone can see value in +450.

I don’t think neither Spain’s or France’s chances of winning are that much lower but they do offer sligthly better odds. But would I suggest a bet on them? Nah, not really.

Portugal does seem to be the only team that has high enough odds to bet on. They’re definitely a long shot play and their team is certainly not as strong as it used to be or in the same league as Germany or Brazil but for 26 times the money it’s worth a flyer bet.

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